Michael Lewis hits it out of the park again with this book. Apparently our minds play tricks and our gut instincts are fallible. We can’t trust anything we think or feel. We see patterns with meaning where there is no meaning. We ignore data and make up stories.

We cannot escape our cognitive delusions.

All we can do is question our minds and have friends who can check us before our cognitive delusions lead us over a cliff.


Make yourself a mixtape and see where your heart goes.

Earth Angel

Brown-Eyed Girl

Do you wanna dance?

Galway Girl

Goodbye, Stranger

Different Drum by the Stoned Ponies


Petrichor. The scent of rain in the air; how it smells outside after a rainstorm.

From the Greek:

petra/petros = stone

ichor= the fluid in the veins of the gods, ethereal essence of the gods.

The blood of stones.


I neither believe nor disbelieve in anything. That which can be imagined is as much an approximation to truth as that which can be proved by mathematics. One cannot always approach truth through reason; it confines us to a geometric cast of thought that calls for logic and credibility. There are things beyond reason.

My faith is in the unknown, in all that we do not understand by reason; I believe that what is beyond our comprehension is a simple fact in other dimensions, and that in the realm of the unknown there is an infinite power for good.

— Charlie Chaplin, My Autobiography

The Principles of Nan Lao Shu (hard to grow old):

Ni To Ichi Way


Wu Wei



Tai Chi

Hatha Yoga

Feng Shui




The union of the Absolute Self with the Cosmos. No goal, no desire for profit. Not wanting anything for yourself. The true Zazen. Practice Zazen only for Zazen. No object. No subject.

When you are Mushotoku, even if you lose you are always free, always happy.