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A candle by Frederic Malle, the scent of an old well-kept French house or a Paris living room after a dinner party.

Things to remember about coffee:

Stumptown, Intelligentsia, Peets and Blue Bottle are corporate sell-outs. But I still buy Peets Major Dickason’s Blend at the Safeway.

Might still be okay: Flying Goat Coffee, the Optimist Blend; Counterculture Coffee; Spotted Cow Coffee; Dallis Bros. Coffee, the Ethiopia Kochere.

Beans to buy: Celebes Kalossi, Javanese, Antiguan, Blue Mountain.

Unknown blend mentioned in a Stuart Woods novel: Medaglia d’Oro.




So the end of the world came and went yesterday with nary a whimper. A planet colliding with Earth. Melancholia. Haunting movie, but hard to take.

A National Geographic special on Gravity introduces gravity as the force that is responsible for everything in the universe — from the big bang to the formation of galaxies, stars and planets, to holding all the matter together from the atoms to the universe,

so it’s like God,

and it’s a force.

I am with the Force, and the Force is with me

At the end, the narrator called Gravity The Mighty Ruler of the Universe.

Gravity = The Force = God.


A delicious Twilight Zone episode, “The Bard,” written by Rod Serling. A failed writer uses black magic to conjure up William Shakespeare, who then writes his stuff for him. The episode was interrupted by an ad for Sharknado 5.

That’s the whole range of the writing life right there.

I love my profession.

Song of Songs





White – slouchy brown suede bag


Chiffon, silk


Soft blouses

Persistence and Belief in Yourself

Opening Credits:

Some Douchebag’s film

Starring God’s Perfect Idiot

A Hot Chick

A British Villain

The Comic Relief

A Moody Teen

A CGI Character

A Gratuitous Cameo

Produced by Asshats

Written by the Real Heroes Here

Directed by an Overpaid Tool